For the second season I’ll be racing in the World Racing League endurance series with Hammer-Motorsports. Last year we ran the Audi TCR LMS, this season we have not one but two brand new BMW M4 GT4s. The cars are super hi-tech with paddle shifters and adjustable ABS, and traction control. These tools are great, and really come in handy as the race goes on and the weather changes. The Next Gen NASCAR Cup cars will have some of these tools, so it good for me to get some experience using them.

Endurance racing is also really interesting and different. First because the races are eight to 12 hours long you share the car with other drivers. There is a lot of strategy, such as when to pit, when to put tires on and when to make our driver changes — it all makes a difference.


Nascar AUTOParkit Drivers: Lawless Alan